sábado, 1 de abril de 2023

Gossip Day

Can you detect an ego smile? I can. The last time I saw one was when the girl disclosed the track title and number. I suspect those deathlines are for me (or maybe our King?), I can't be sure, you'd have to ask her. One thing I know for sure: the lyrics contain a very "humble, non-self-centered and uplifting" vibe, meaning, "No one is ever going to ruin my busyness and get me the hell out of the little american dream, because I am an empowered female". Strange as it may seem, the guy who purchased her record label could be not the one the spell is targeting. The Cross and the call to leave falsehood could have been seen as a greater threat than the guy who took her "past" away from her. Yeah, Jesus is so bad... He could steal your "future" as well.

Celebrate the "present", world.

You're trapped in a loop until the condition is reached.