sábado, 29 de abril de 2023

Inner Air

Why do they write lyrics flirting with evil? Because they know the system is wicked, and without any ambition of growing strong they do that to fit in and prove that they can be "social" and pathetic. The Answer is Out there... it's the only Place where Good is found. The undecided may say something that sounds "good", but you shouldn't trust right away, because before long the fruit of instability will show.

That's why I'm so suspicious; I've become more inclined to believe that I am imagining good things than seeing what really is inside the individual. Because I know Truth is hard to get; it involves renunciation and determination. And most people don't have the balls to follow the One and challenge the system. They behave like this is the only life they've got to live what the world can offer.

I believe in a God that hides things.

So, I need Grace to taste what's really good.