terça-feira, 11 de abril de 2023

They Can't Escape

I've been out there to some heavy metal shows back in the day, and I can tell that the air is thick. Every "social" environment is dangerous and you should never forget your mask at home, but the heavy metal scene contains a little darker variant of the vanity virus. If you watch out not and get in harmony with it, the liability to experience acquired sociopathy might grow as you try to look and sound "rad" according to that source. There's too much of "the devil is cool" thing there, and it's not a comedy.

Tim Lambesis is the one to blame. However, as his bandmates could only think of dissociating themselves from him, they forgot to dissociate themselves from self-trust and the system of falsehood. After reuniting, one by one they left, probably scared of his focus on bodybuilding and the weakness they could still see in his mind.

Are they mindbuilding now or enjoying the slavery somewhere else in the system?