sexta-feira, 14 de abril de 2023

The Light In Me

As soon as I started to feel I was seeking and not finding anything, I thought it was the end of the hard Way for me. I gave in and bought their easy stuff, like, "Alright, give me that blue pill". I almost accepted what I was seeing in the bad trip (that I was worthless and their desire to see me dead and in hell matched God's will), but before I killed myself I've resolved to give the weird addiction another try and start to search again.

The "religious" imagination is poisonous; it's used to please the ego, to hear what they want to hear. It's so fake that they find no difficulty in getting other seekers of "good" trips, who have nothing to do with "religion", to join them against a common enemy of their ego. The condition for "peace", which is to become a "friend", is just out of the question.

After getting Adriana Kuch's eyes and surviving, I've become kind of unafraid of seeing strange things in my mind. Actually, I've just remembered I only know one fear, one hope.

Treat me right and I could make you fly.

Treat me wrong and I could make you shit your pants.