quarta-feira, 26 de abril de 2023

Strong Language

If you come here with a "I believe him, I believe him not" thing in your mind, I've got bad news for you. The reason of your swinging emotion is that you're not active. Do you really think that I write thinking about making "friends"? It's unbearable having to be to someone else who he or she doesn't seek to be to him/herself. From my personal experience I know that to read what's inside of, to believe in one, only takes hearing a few lines, watching a smile or seeing the person dress like an 😇 and type just a ❤️. So, fuck you "man" and fuck you "woman"; leave this place and go analyze your own miserable "life".

Are you waiting for the confirmation that I am the evil you must keep yourself from and not the Good you don't look for in order to find and keep? You're nothing but a pathetic systematic coward, a happy native of the world. The evil has you already, fool.

You're two decades late and I don't need you believing in me.

I don't need to exist in and to your world.