sexta-feira, 14 de abril de 2023

You Want The Easy "Safety"?

"Religion" resets people's brains. They throw away all they own and receive "instruction" to look for content labeled as 'Gospel' or 'Christian'. They become terribly afraid of listening to music or watching movies which were not created by individuals of that group they have just joined. It's a foolish "escape" because among their favorite "new" artists there are those who have been in contact with some of the secular stuff that frightens them, without a mask, and are completely infected by the old shit.

The bad news is not that they're being indirectly exposed to what they're trying to keep away, it's that they're definitely being infected too. They didn't ask for that, but they've received the "answer" of a lazy and cowardly "spirituality", haven't they? Like it or not, that's the obvious outcome of an unreasonable faith. And asking for Wisdom, but not as All you want and thus searching as it's needed to be found, will never produce any different result. You can't fool the Spirit; He knows your priorities.

Go, Nighthawk.

Get out.