sábado, 1 de abril de 2023

Creating A Joyful Noise

I think you should officially support your "religious" fellow group, because it seems you could really have things in common, like talking shit to try and fuck with my Present and Future. But I warn you, don't believe in the best of luck they wish you for being "famous" and "rich"; their "happy ending" could be a lie to please your ego. They believe in "power" just like you, hating transparency, treacherously loving to be in the foreground.

Do real Christians see in bad things in others, like fear and paranoia, an opportunity to get "good" things for themselves? In a world where artists think that exploiting idolatry is a legitimate way of boosting "success", we can't expect them to be able to answer such a question. There are really few that are about feeling really good and helping others feel the same way.

I admire psytrance musicians for that reason; they're kind of "unsuccessful" and they persist. When you're there and see how crazy it is live, you understand why. Music should be a means of transcendence, not of having people worshipping the musician.

I'm sorry, but your pop genre thing is about that more than any other.