quinta-feira, 1 de junho de 2023

This Is The Caboose

I have compassion on Grace, since to me "catholicism" diverts attention from Wisdom with a "conscience-easing" shortcut: "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every eucharist". The logic goes like this: "Once I eat it, I'm freed from need". You don't need to hear anything, say anything. Thus you can spend your entire week working for the bread, but on sunday you must return to get more of the "magic bread" (remembering to "confess" the dumb things you've said and done) and recharge the battery for the strenuous week at Metacortex. So, seeing Hollywood as a more interesting path than her father's expectations is obvious; I would take it too if I wasn't driven by the ambition to find the real deals.

I know the nerdy ones are going to hate me for what I just wrote, but I've never seen anyone leaving the mass like, "I'm so radiant!". The boredom of foolishness explains why they still feel "energized" to do zombie things for the rest of the week, sometimes at once. I mean, when you don't go there to dig up the Treasure, you're very likely looking to find another zombie to have "fun". It's "human" nature. So I prefer to watch and analyze those unstable tornadoes of "desire" from the Outside. I know how dangerous they are; they can get you "high" and take down, in a sick, free from Argentum, tango. Therefore I'd rather ask to have myself taken Up to study in me another atomic Dream.

In theory, the Word comes first. In practice, a substitution takes Place, as if Jesus were saying at the last Supper, "All I said was important, but you may forget it now; this one last trick is enough to save you". You're not in a delirium if you have a feeling they're worshipping bread and wine. And if you run to their competitors and suspect the same is happening with the form of paper and ink, you can bet that you are discerning well again. Have you heard there that the traditional Bible is better than the digital one? Why is that so? I don't think so, I'd rather hear So. There is really only one thing worth being concerned about, and any object regarded as more than Her is idolatry, not only the paper of cash.

Drift across - OK.

I'm waiting for orders, Boss.