sexta-feira, 16 de junho de 2023

"Good" Boy Turned Bad

There's hope for you, to get Out of the hole before you become a hellhole. You're still not that ugly. But your hair sucks. And you know, we are very different, for you leave people behind saying nothing, and I leave by saying Everything. Right now, you're the kind of empty woman He would never give to one of His, because you're in process of being filled with lies. So you're going to have to go fishing on your own; there are many "good" boys in the "church" for you to deceive and be deceived by, saying in your hearts that you're going to be happier than the rest of the world because both of you are "religious". Unfortunately, it's only a "sweet" fantasy, closer to the porn fantasy that hasn't upset you than you can imagine.

Instead of thinking in terms of how many communion lines you have passively walked up so far after weeks of strenuous "activities", start thinking in terms of capital letters and periods. It's going to help you understand the energy battle. The demons know about it very well, and there's nothing that worries them more than to see letters coming out of the Source, forming sentences which are of Life to the seekers and death to their structures of control. It's built inside you, and you hide there when you should be blowing it up. You don't even notice that the bold can smell your cowardice, that the evil you don't take a stand against is your passive statement of "friendship".

There are many "hot-lipped" babes in this world that could steal your "religious" husband, at least for one night. Since you know nothing about energy, you don't understand how could this possibly happen. But I tell you... I saw it happen there, and his girlfriend was much prettier than her.

If you're not getting Out, start taking seriously your dark graphic look.

Don't ignore your competitors like you ignored me.