quinta-feira, 22 de junho de 2023

Diane's Song

Johnny doesn't want the "cash"; Judy doesn't need the "fame".

I advise you to keep her, Lloyd. The last time I checked a similar situation, the guy walked off because someone "reasoned" with him, convincing him that she was still "careful". He walked off carefully, but she nonetheless was hurt, since she didn't know about what was really going on inside him either. It was over, however Diane likely has been told to stand apart from Time and go back, let Her go. But it's not that she has permanently erased and overwritten Her with parts you suspect to be from her "careful" father and the careless Sheila, she's only confused. Although she's been convinced she doesn't really love you, their influence over her is superficial. Keep believing that she's truly special, and you'll see that it takes a real hammer to get into her heart. Don't go cold, your power is still greater.

Don't sacrifice the right words; put your trust in the Truth and you'll see that you were meant to be among the greatest histories. Forget the Gas 'N' Sip and remember the 7-Eleven; the cinder in her eyes still burns. Sooner rather than later, she'll be reminded to walk in her own Shadow, because the Past has become the meaning of her great line and she knows there's no training net for her in the "future". She's too scared of it and, since her real job is to have no "fear", she can't keep trusting her father and dismissing the odd conversation for long. Like those guys, he doesn't really know anything about her; you do. The Master in the highest position is still in her coffee, holding up her and preventing Her from wearing off. As He planned it'll be, and in the Extraspace you'll be forever young.

Ding. ☪️

Dong. 🧸