terça-feira, 20 de junho de 2023

They've Come To Freddy

Have no mercy for their vain "life", for they won't have any for yours; if they're "strong" enough to speak, they must be to hear as well. Their "past" is precious to them; they are proud of "all". There's not one soulless piece in their museum that Truth can convince them to forsake. Not even Netflix, which they probably have a much greater respect for, could. Too bad they don't mention my name; it'd make it easier for people really searching, not those passively waiting for anything to come to them, to know whom they are friends with. All they ever do is perform empty analogical searches, as if they could protect them, when it's very clear by means of what "light" their eye is trying to see. Their search can't purify them, but still they have "hope" that their "life" will go on. If I were them, I wouldn't trust any neet idle "Christian", I'd start thinking about hiring Stella's services.

To the "humbler" and less "ambitious" ones it's also the only one they've got to pursue the "dream". So, don't wait for them to return from the college war to see if they'll be back smarter and able to help you. If you can't believe any "more", you can't believe time will make them any better, since growth is the logical consequence of stably believing that one needs to risk "everything". That is, you cannot have Good for one night or one day, or even less, like one hour a day. In the real war the world can't see, we're casualties from the very beginning. They had not even decided to fight for anything and they were dead already. So, it's a cruel reality, but that's how things are in the system. If they're not wholeheartedly searching for and taking the Present, they're undoubtedly going to leave you behind for a "future" or even a bizarre "past". And they'll show no compassion.

The dentists to the trip exist, though.

You need Strength, not luck, to find them.