sábado, 10 de junho de 2023

Silver Bullets

Don't you always hear people saying, "What have I to do with Adam and Eve?"? One really can't blame them for what happens to himself or herself, when they're choosing the same everyday. The authentic brave ones are those who risk "everything" for Love, not those still willing to seek an alternative "solution". The ones on the cold top you see being able to donate a large amount of money, they're not doing that out of real charity; they're doing it for the applause like everything else they do. They want to convince themselves and every other fool that they have the desire of Wisdom, even though they can't remember a day they have dedicated to think about, seek Her. They just don't want to get off the faithless dead network.

The "stars" don't shoot anything but lies to defend their fallen world.

I'm never ever running away from the chopper.