quarta-feira, 14 de junho de 2023

Elementar, My Dear

I depend on neither system, the big worldly one nor the small. I wouldn't sell my speech for no money. I don't need the pot of gold that those who support the "rainbow" crave for, but who said "churches" are not about "all" that as well? When they're not openly friendly to the world speaking of "prosperity", they are secretly talking about promiscuity. Mr theological Holmes here knows what he's saying, he has not only investigated the facts, he has sought the Truth. The first is not so obvious a case of "friendship" to those who seek Her not, and the latter, even when you present the proofs, surprisingly, are still not enough to convince anyone in there to run away. Surprisingly because that's how people who attend those places are supposed to be, right? But then you realize that if it's not enough, it's because they have never really cared about no Truth, so the facts are unable to offend them.

Like I said, I know I'm fucked. Am I going to waste my Time telling homosexuals they have to change, when I myself could have a cancer at any moment? The time that is lie and money is against me. I know I can fool myself and others with parallel "religious" activities that "good" boys do. Likewise, I'm not going to be "innocent" and wave that flag, ignoring that I'd be supporting "sex". So, fuck you. I don't want, need to be part of your world. "Happiness" is for the weak, and I won't find mine anywhere you look for yours; mine comes from the Heart. My well-being is something else, it's in the Water.

I'll serve the Love.

I'll honor the brotherhood.