terça-feira, 6 de junho de 2023

The "Gay" Rainbow

I try to be careful not to be cruel to homosexuals, because I believe it is a biological condition like Down syndrome. I know it's easy to tell them they've got to change, but not so easy for the one saying the words to change himself or herself so as to be able to work the miracle. I'm talking about people who, no matter how hard they try, can't feel attracted to the opposite sex and can't remember a time they could. And that's not always the case within the "rainbow" community. There are many who, searching for "joy" and despising Truth, have acquired the condition. Just observe the B letter and you'll see that they're people who have been using cocaine and at some point tried heroine.

I'm always hearing, reading things like, "People should be free to love whoever they want to" and "Love is love". That is a purely mundane speech that unconditionally attributes virtue to the word 'love'. It's a vicious circle you can't break Out from without looking for Truth. Homosexuals commit "passional" crimes like heterosexuals, don't they? "Passion" is Passion? When you're happy with being foolish, you become open to any lie as if it was the real thing, because to you all that matters is the "moment" and, you say, "life" is short. Therefore, if you don't want to be short of Life, you need to be think-hard-headed to learn the balance of being wholly open-minded and completely closed-minded.

I see how nature is fucked. I can even believe that a man might be born in a female body and vice versa (many cases could be only derangement, though). But don't say times are changing and everyone must go with it, accepting its fresh "answers" to a more "fraternal" society. I know what's the major "change" going on. It's a bad vibe that has always been here getting worse. it's all getting outrageously promiscuous.

Lloyd Dobler, the great, said "No".

He knew the Difference.