quarta-feira, 14 de junho de 2023

Never There

I met some medical students along the way, and thanks to them I could confirm a suspicion I always had on why their school is the choice of the brains and their course the most contested in the country. How would you explain their inability to ask, "What's going on?"? Just because they don't care about a person, let's not assert that they don't care about Truth, initially. At least that's what I used to do in my humble disposition, until a fact hit me, and the natural course of events changed my mind altogether. If even without asking you anything, you still provide some answers, and the individual ignores them all, showing he or she couldn't care less, what would you think? I mean, if you know that what comes out of your mouth is More and a Person, you've just discovered a new answer to store up.

Obviously, unless the kid is really crazy, he or she is not getting into college to listen to Jesus. And the busyness never ends, because the psychiatrist who told me she was also a "Christian", didn't ask me anything either. Their sense of "safety" is baffling; if I knew about their way to "peace" of mind in the beginning, I could be a bit less worried and distracted with this Truth thing today. But no, I don't think their "everything" is So. I'm not going to generalize, but there's a great deal of vanity behind their motivation, and they don't realize they're only merchants selling papers with medicine names in the world's fair. If you ask them, "How much is it?", they're going to answer; however, if you show them Good, they won't, because they're not interested in buying what you have.

They're all here reading my paper clouds, only because they're "curious", not because they wanna be me when they grow up. I have a feeling that if I were "famous" and "rich" like her, they would never have walked away. And I feel sorry for her, imagining how it's like to be surrounded by so many fake friends, "smiling" at her. Nevertheless, she gets what she seeks and de-serves.

It doesn't matter if they don't talk.

My Living thing does, and It shall not be taken away from me.