domingo, 28 de maio de 2023

Wild And Free

I broke Out of Curdun Cay Station and I was told I would be eternally regretful. I don't know, so far I'm having real Fun. Besides, I was, am, will always be too much of a misfit to be "hopeful" like them. And what's really scary is that they have become obsessed with me, joining "forces" to hunt me down. It was the ultimate proof I needed that churchgoing and biblereading wasn't enough. Because the best "friends", thanks to what they've been hearing and reading, learned how to wish me the worst of luck. I don't believe in it anyway, so I think the universe won't help them get what they want.

Wanna talk about disappointment? False prophecy is all about saying what people wanna hear, pleasing them. Despite being in the same spite, it appears that the big "dream" didn't want to "support" you and help you grow your own "dream". Don't be sad, it's not your fault, you did what you had to to make a "friend". You can't always win. Just don't let "hopelessness" get to you, don't give up on being "social". You're not ready for the Adventure, so work hard to stick to the "standards" and, trust me, you'll see that "life" is worth it. She always recompenses her devotees. Not really, I mean.

It's only gonna bring you down.

You'd better put him down.