quinta-feira, 25 de maio de 2023

It Takes More Sophia

It seems that money definitely can't save anyone from bad taste, obviously. I don't know what that Met Gala is about... all I know is that every year there are "news" on the looks and I click the bait expecting to see some real luxury. So, if anyone asked me, I'd say, "It must be a competition of most bizarre dress". Why can't they just be basic? All those fussy exaggerated clothes lay bare how focused they are on the exterior, trying to make a "transfiguration" on the cold top.

One year after graduating from high school, I tried to get into the psychology school. It had been another year of thinking, writing and listening to Music a lot, studying very little. On the exam day, I was hopeless, so I decided to assess my Fashion skills instead. I opened the wardrobe, composed a look with some clothes I bought for really cheap with the money from my first job, and set forth for the arena to capture the look in the eyes of my "competitors".

I am a film guy, so I needed to test if people were interested in watching my Philosophy. It consisted in breaking concentration. And it was a success.

Trust me, you won't find anything random, disconnected here.

There's consistency, harmony between everything I write.