sábado, 20 de maio de 2023



I've always seen in her words a shadow of the unpredictability I seek. Feminism is fundamentally about "women" claiming the stupid "social" right to be as unrighteous as "men", that is, the "liberty" to degenerate with them without feeling somehow restrained by prejudice. It's about the flower choosing the flies over the bees. Do you really think that she meant it? She was only resorting to a funny way of being offensive to the system and its idea of "evolution" and "equality", and not defending "men". She knows that both are the same egoism; she's not blind to "human" cruelty.

I could say that I am a feminist too, if you know what I mean. Not because I believe they are superior, but rather because I believe in a few and fight for their freedom.

My plan from the start was to help the blonde bear transcend.