terça-feira, 23 de maio de 2023

Mad Keen

The secret to sharpening your mind is humility and persistence; unfeigned humility pulls the pin and unremitting persistence keeps the countdown active. You also have to be very enthusiastic about the Subject. In my case, I'm on this Road since I was a teen. So far I've spent half my life plus 4 years, many of them feeling awfully dumb, thinking the things baby Diane Court was hoping to find someone who could talk to her about and help her understand what was going on. I myself couldn't find anyone, so I've become my own detective and teacher.

It's worth noting that everyone has a specific road in the Road. The experiences of others may inspire you, but you're not the One in control to make what, how and when happen. There's a great deal of test in this existence; being unable to see free will as a gift is going to lock you up in the realm of ordinary worldly experiences, and you'll call it fate. Being fully conscious of its worth and embracing the search for the Gift doesn't mean that you're going to be set free to control your fate, only that it will no longer be in the system's hand.

I still wasn't able to turn any golden object into silver, silver into golden, or resurrect my wife. All I know is that the Nature of my experiences is the same... if I'm going to be here tomorrow to live More, I don't know. I hope So.