sexta-feira, 26 de maio de 2023

Find Your Life

Do you want to know what I see when I look at her? I see someone with a low self-esteem problem who have worked hard to be popular and it wasn't enough, hence she still needs to find acceptance, be admitted to the popular bitches club in her school. She should have hung out with the punk and hardcore girls as a teen, the authentic ones I mean, not those who flirt with popularity; there would be more hope of betraying the system and getting into the School for her. She's naive, believing they can't spot her weakness, but they do notice it.

Her archenemy is another one who needed Therapy and not "success" to heal her cult trauma. She ran from Jim Jones right into the arms of Jeffrey Dahmer. Yeah, people are never really looking for the Medicine, no matter how hard are their experiences in "life"; they're always choosing self-victimization. The reason for that is simple: they have no ambition for Strength. Those lazy and discomfort-avoiding ones you meet at the gym are an allegory of the spiritual state of people who are easily kept under control. They're not ready to be humble and persistent to be strong.

I believe it's a drug they take... they become hopelessly dependent on all that crap.

Wake up, bluetooth queens of "fun".