quinta-feira, 4 de maio de 2023

"What Is That?!"

"What are you doing with your hands?!
Talk to me! One party and you're talking like that girl Sheila!" 😂

But seriously... Sheila was really a bad influence. It was not only her father's mind a source of invitation to doubt the Truth and stay in the system. Sheila loved side-commenting she was not meaning it with her not-really gestures, but at the same time she didn't want to know any real thing, get Out and be serious. Her "happen" to Diane meant she was sure that no fake connection she knew could ever really happen between them. And she was right, fake love has been proven to be impossible to them.

The only thing that defined the word 'truth' in Sheila's dictionary was worldly success. If you consider, whether true or false, life is one, you can infer that her professional ambition was as hollow as her personal one, which was to possess a cute body in the future (very likely many in the nearer one, thanks to her mindset being that of people who are easily driven to and by promiscuity). She could find herself in an as nice building as her college's, and it all inside and around her would still be really small, pretty empty.

Holy shit happens, Sheila.

It's extremely possible to the ones who dare to humble themselves.