sexta-feira, 12 de maio de 2023

Can't Stop Running With Them

I told Hanna last year that she had created some truly relevant piece of art, and to worry, care not for not being "successful" and just keep going. I don't know if she has believed me. I rarely, rarely do that; I've become way too hopeless when it comes to sharing anything with music makers. Victor Oddo described perfectly my experience of contacting them. I'm not the one to babysit their egos, because I can't stand unambitious immature people and their reactions; I'm in it for those of military character. She was an exception to the rule I created in my mind because I believed that she was probably still uncontaminated, for not running a estabilished busyness like them.

I remember following a girl in 2012 for believing that she wrote some nice punk lyrics and she indirectly responded to my naive action when MTV Brasil followed her, writing that she was happy because a "decent brazilian" had just followed her. Yeah, she can't imagine how "decent" it is. I needed only 10 minutes of watching that Shore thing to see every sin mentioned in Romans 13:13, the verse following the one quoted by Saint Cecilia, a chapter I had just read one day earlier. Coincidence? As "random" as Say Anything presenting itself to me like a living thing, "Hey, watch me!".

You just don't understand... that movie isn't available to stream, rent or buy anywhere here, digitally or physically. I had to access HBO Max using a VPN (thanks to being the only service that still allows the trick) to watch something I thought was silly. Its language is so basic that I realized I could watch it without the aid of subtitles, and still it is simply amazing. It has become a source of philosophical exploration to me more than The Adjustment Bureau itself.

Do you see? I'm only living to see the unfolding of the events.

I let them live for the "dream"... the "recognition, riches, fame and sex".