sábado, 6 de maio de 2023


Was she a "glamour" seeker who would only ever swap Hollywood for a more "glamourous" life? Was he a fan under the spell of the news he had read about her? I believe the answer is no, that the formula is more complex than that (or should I say more simple?). We're probably dealing with a case where she was truly his dynamite girl, where the source of his fascination was seeing the Grace Doe. Haven't you ever wondered... there were so many cute guys around her who could have gotten lucky with her. How many were introduced to her? I mean, her friends' plan were booby-trapped by the invisible Plan. They were all meant to fail, except Olivia de Havilland.

You know, since I saw God controlling the algorithm of websites running on my phone for the first time, I can't help trusting Supernatural Intelligence. I've been suspecting it was happening again many times. Even when the synchronicity seems to be logical, something else happens that makes me question if it's really only human beings and machines behind it. Sometimes my suspicion reaches the highest level, like, "Man, this thing is guessing my thoughts, I'm sure I haven't typed this anywhere".

I'm afraid their paths of "life" and death ended the day I've decided to be mine own friend.

So, make sure you're not wasting Time writing bullshit.