segunda-feira, 27 de março de 2023

Flowerless Papers

“To a philosopher all news is gossip, and they who edit and read it are old women over their tea.”

Can you interpret this? For it's just what Jesus believes.

It's about language; if it's not Wisdom that's being used, it's vain and false. Do you really believe that anyone can be impartial without asking for, seeking Her? For instance, people are always trying to figure out the hidden political affiliation of a speaker or writer, whereas they themselves can't show any Good in their own words. To them, the system is always and only the other "political" side. On the left you have people fighting for a strange "freedom" and on the right they are ready to sacrifice themselves for a shallow "justice".

Have you ever wondered why people are paranoid, seeing Russia as a nation of psychos? I believe a great deal of the blame is Hollywood's. They've gone too far using evil russian characters for "political" reasons. And there's also the fanatical rivalry behind it, like Brazil VS Argentina. When you watch a soccer match here, if you watch yourself not and start listening to the commentaries on TV, 'argentinian' easily becomes a synonym of 'toxic' in your mind. Well, there must be some silver there, don't you think? Just like in Russia and Hollywood.

What I can say is that right now people there are afraid of Putin and he's turning the country into the next North Korea, imposing his "wisdom" of fake separation on them. How can he believe to be doing good to his people while damaging others? That's turning Ukraine into a slaughterhouse, like, "Don't be sad, you're going to die but it's for a good purpose". What a contradiction, he's threatening with atomic bombs. Isn't it all about being different from the Western? He'd just prove himself to be as insane as the U.S. President who ordered to drop the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

So... your conception of 'gossip' was something bad that is told about someone without his or her consent? No, it's having no Good to say. Have you ever seen anyone offended by the news of his or her marriage taking place? What's the point in writing and reading it? We know it's only a matter of time until we read or hear the news about the divorce. It's just irrelevant. I'd like to know what they talk behind my back, for perhaps there's one thinker in their association, like, "Don't be mean, we want the same thing, don't deprive me of it".

Is the desire on your paper?

Losing my Pen is losing my Heart.